What to Know About Using Ketamine Therapy for OCD

People who are diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are unable to control compulsive behaviors that are driven by unwanted and intrusive thoughts. Living with these intrusive thoughts and behaviors can greatly negatively impact a person’s life, keeping them from doing what they want and living a healthy life. Fortunately, treatments are available for people who are living with OCD, and using a combination of therapies can help individuals diagnosed with this condition meet their recovery goals. Ketamine therapy for OCD is a relatively new therapy that is being used to help people diagnosed with this mental illness. But, it is showing great promise and lasting results. It can be beneficial for people living with OCD to consider ketamine therapy as an aspect of their treatment planning.

Find out more about ketamine therapy for OCD to see if this is something you want to implement into your treatment plan for OCD.

Typical Treatments for OCD

Traditionally, OCD is treated using a variety of methods including both behavioral therapies, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and prescription antidepressant medications. These methods are successful and effective in helping people understand and manage both intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. However, the side effects of prescription antidepressant medications can be overwhelming for some people living with OCD. And, for others, these medications may not provide the relief that a patient is looking to achieve through treatment. For these individuals, it can be important and even necessary to figure out alternative approaches to treatment like ketamine infusion therapy that can be used in congruence with traditional treatment methods to get better results and/or fewer side effects.

Considering the Benefits of Ketamine Therapy for OCD

People who don’t get the relief they need from OCD symptoms with medication alone may be living with something known as treatment-resistant OCD. Unfortunately, a large population of patients who are diagnosed with OCD struggle with treatment-resistant OCD. This means that many people living with OCD aren’t getting the relief they need from traditional treatments. Furthermore, medications used in treating OCD may only start to be beneficial after many medication level adjustments and medication type adjustments. Plus, many patients don’t start to experience relief from medication until a few months after beginning to take medication – if at all. For these patients, this is reason enough to find and secure alternative options to treatment like ketamine therapy.

Unlike traditional treatments like antidepressant medications that can take months to provide relief, ketamine therapy for OCD can begin to relieve symptoms of OCD in as little as one therapy session. And, with only one session, symptom management can last up to a few weeks, which is unlike any other medication that is taken for OCD. Finally, ketamine infusions offer very few side effects which, in comparison to the many potential side effects of prescription antidepressants, makes ketamine therapy a good choice for many.

Finding a Ketamine Therapy for OCD Provider

Delray Brain Science provides mental health help for people who are struggling with treatment-resistant mood disorders, including treatment-resistant OCD. If you are looking for a treatment approach that can be utilized in combination with your current treatment, ketamine therapy may be a good choice for you. We offer ketamine infusions at our outpatient center in Delray Beach, Florida, and would be happy to talk with you about your needs for managing symptoms of OCD. Find out more about our clinic and our ketamine infusions from our website today.