Ketamine Treatment

Those looking for help with symptoms of depression disorders can gain great success in symptom management with ketamine infusion therapy from Delray Brain Science. For many years, our doctor, founder, and medical director, Dr. Raul Rodriguez has helped hundreds of individuals get the relief they need from symptoms of depression otherwise unhelped by traditional methods of depression treatment. And, has a successful treatment rate of over 90%, which is an incredible achievement for people living with treatment-resistant depression and looking for alternative types of treatment for their depressive symptoms.

About Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression

Rodriguez Method Of Ketamine InductionSo, how does ketamine infusion therapy help people living with depression? Ketamine’s initial treatment was as an anesthetic, starting in the 1960s. But, as time passed, it was recognized that ketamine, when used as a low-dose therapy, can help to combat several medical and psychiatric issues and not just for anesthetic purposes. Essentially, it’s believed that ketamine, when administered in low doses, helps to stimulate the clearing of proteins built up in the brain that can lead to several symptoms. And, help brain activity return to normal function, that is before depressive symptoms have taken place. The treatment of ketamine for depression is not like traditional treatments like antidepressant medications as it begins to alleviate symptoms immediately. And, singular even singular, initial sessions can help people to begin experiencing the benefits of this treatment.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy from Delray Brain Science

Delray Brain Science offers ketamine infusion therapy at our Delray Center for Healing mental health treatment facility. This treatment allows people dealing with depression which may not be helped by other types of treatments, including antidepressants. And, provides a pain-free way to receive long-term relief from symptoms brought on by depression disorders.

First, patients are assessed to determine their need for ketamine infusion therapy and if they’re compatible candidates for this treatment. This includes answering questions about previous treatment history, concurring issues that may interfere with treatment, and more. Then, it’s determined what dosage of ketamine is best suited for individual use. This way, patients get the individualized care they need for the best results to occur. Finally, treatment is administered with the guidance and observation of one of our medical specialists.

How to Begin Your Ketamine Infusion Therapy Treatment

If you’re interested in how ketamine infusion therapy at Delray Brain Science can help you or a loved one, begin the process today. Schedule your initial assessment with one of our mental health clinicians to begin. During this assessment, you’ll be able to ask any questions you have about the process and get answers as to whether or not you’re a good candidate for this life-changing treatment. Once it’s determined that you’re a good candidate for ketamine infusion therapy, we’ll address administration techniques and dosage so you can get a better idea about your specific treatment plan.

You don’t have to struggle with the inability to manage symptoms of depression, even treatment-resistant depression anymore! With Delray Brain Science, we can come together to provide you with a depression treatment plan that you’re not only comfortable with, but that will help you for many years to come to manage symptoms of depression disorders affecting your life.

Ketamine treatment is an FDA-approved method of administering ketamine through IV infusion to alleviate symptoms of treatment-resistant depression. Here at Delray Brain Science, we offer our very own method of ketamine infusion therapy called RMOKI, the Rodriguez Method of Ketamine Infusions, named after our very own mental health treatment frontier, medical director, and founder, Dr. Rodriguez MD.

What is Treatment-Resistant Depression?

When a person gets help for depression in a professional setting and is prescribed antidepressant medications, but these prescriptions don’t seem to rid the patient of depressive symptoms, they may be dealing with treatment-resistant depression. Unfortunately, treatment-resistant depression is more common than it may seem. However, there are alternative therapies and treatments that individuals who find that antidepressants may not be working as they’d like can utilize to get more help. With these therapies and treatments, most individuals living with treatment-resistant depression can work to reduce the severity and frequency of depression disorder symptoms. And, live better, more meaningful lives of mental well-being.

What is Ketamine Infusion Therapy and How is it Different at Delray Brain Science?

What to Know About Using Ketamine Therapy for OCDKetamine is a medication that’s approved by the FDA for use in treatment-resistant depression. Typically, it’s administered as an IV infusion or by nasal inhaler so that patients can begin to experience the benefits of this medication immediately, as this allows for the medication to be directly inserted into the bloodstream. For over a decade, this medication has shown a success rate of 90% for people living with negative symptoms of depression disorders. So, our very own Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez, MD, began utilizing this treatment, helping hundreds of patients with depression disorders find and maintain relief from depression symptoms. However, although most patients received relief from symptoms, some did not experience relief as long as they’d like or hoped. So, Dr. Rdoriguez switched his focus to offering an innovative method of ketamine treatment for depression, with a specialization in a different protocol, known as RMOKI.

What is the RMOKI Difference?

Traditional ketamine infusion treatments utilize one type of administration. However, the RMOKI therapy at Delray Brain Science utilizes two: ketamine infusion and a subcutaneous infusion. Both of these applications are administrated at the same time to provide patients with a collaborative, energetic effect that allows the beneficial, antidepressant advantages of ketamine therapy to last longer. With an instantaneous reaction, these infusions allow patients to experience relief from their depression conditions immediately. And, for many weeks, as the medication is released slowly over time rather than all at once. This allows people who may not get the long-lasting effects of traditional ketamine treatment for depression to benefit from these infusions for a greater length of time.

The Benefits of the RMOKI Ketamine Infusion at Delray Brain Science

Since the symptom relief of RMOKI ketamine infusions is longer lasting than traditional ketamine therapy, those who utilize it can find cost savings, as they may require fewer treatments and more time between treatment sessions. Furthermore, as well as offering symptom relief for treatment-resistant depression, ketamine infusion therapy can also help with the reduction of chronic pain for people living with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain disorders.

Treatment-resistant depression is when depression is unmanageable with traditional treatments, like psychiatric medications. When traditional treatment doesn’t work to help individuals manage symptoms of mental health issues, it’s important that the mental health community comes together to offer alternative treatment options in order to assist these individuals. Here at Delray Brain Science, we’re proud to offer alternative treatments to help individuals living with treatment-resistant depression, including esketamine treatment. This FDA-approved treatment for depression has allowed individuals who would otherwise be living with debilitating symptoms of depression to establish lives of mental health and well-being. Find out more about this treatment offering at our facility located in Delray Beach, South Florida to determine if it’s right for you.

What is Esketamine Treatment?

Esketamine Treatment in Delray Beach FLEsketamine treatment is a quick and painless treatment that helps individuals living with symptoms of depressive disorders. Here at Delray Brain Science, we use a brand of Esketamine called Spravato, which is approved by the FDA for use in treating individuals with depression. It’s administered as a nasal spray, which is a convenient and quick way to utilize the medication. This treatment is intended for use in combination with traditional treatments, including prescribed antidepressant medications.

The Difference Between Ketamine Treatments and Esketamine Treatments

You may have heard that ketamine is an effective treatment option for people living with treatment-resistant depression. And, there are similarities between ketamine and esketamine, as esketamine is derived from ketamine, so it provides some of the same benefits for relieving symptoms of depression. However, ketamine must be administered with the guidance of a professional in a medical setting with an IV. So, those who don’t like needles or wish to wait for IV infusions may wish to utilize esketamine as a substitute. Esketamine also needs to be administered with the guidance of a medical professional. Patients are observed for a while after administration. But, medication enters the bloodstream immediately with the nasal inhaler. So, patients can take advantage of managing symptoms of treatment-resistant depression immediately and effectively, without having to wait and get an IV infusion. Esketamine treatments are available for administration twice weekly. And, treatments usually last four weeks. However, if needed, patients can get more treatments on a biweekly or weekly basis. This depends on the individual, patient treatment history, and experience of depressive symptoms after the four weeks of treatment.

What to Expect with Esketamine Treatment at Delray Brain Science

Esketamine Treatment in Delray Beach FLIf you or a loved one may require additional help with managing symptoms of depression, there are a few things you can expect when it comes to esketamine nasal spray treatments. First and foremost, it’s important to know that both esketamine and ketamine treatments, while effective in managing symptoms of treatment-resistant depression, are most successful when paired with other treatment approaches (including psychiatric medications). So, don’t expect to come off medications before trying these supplemental therapies. Furthermore, before treatment can commence, be prepared for an overall mental health assessment to determine if you’re a good candidate for this treatment option. Finally, along with these helpful treatments and traditional psychiatric medications, individuals who get the most out of esketamine treatments also utilize outpatient mental health services. Find out more about PHP and IOP depression treatment, group therapy options, and more available to individuals living with debilitating symptoms of depression from our website today.

What to Expect Before Ketamine Therapy Sessions

Before ketamine therapy, you will speak with your ketamine therapy provider about what to expect from treatments. This includes how many sessions you will get and when you can expect to experience symptom relief. During this initial assessment, you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the therapy process.

What to Expect During Ketamine Therapy Sessions

During ketamine therapy sessions, you can expect your provider or a qualified nurse to administer a small needle into a vein, typically located in your arm. This needle will be connected to an IV bag that holds the medication. Then, you will sit back and relax while the medication enters your bloodstream which typically takes about 30-45 minutes.

What to Expect After Ketamine Therapy Sessions

Once the medication is administered, patients may experience feeling the effects of the medication for another 45 minutes. During this time, you will be advised to stay and wait for the effects to wear off before you drive home. Otherwise, you can have a family member or loved one drive you home. While most people don’t experience side effects of ketamine infusion therapy, some people may experience fatigue, especially after their first session.

Pros and Cons of Ketamine Infusions

If you’re wondering if ketamine infusions are right for you, it can be helpful to understand the pros and cons of this type of therapy in order to determine if it’s right for you.

Pros of Ketamine Infusions

  • symptom relief happens almost immediately
  • there is little risk of side effects
  • success rates are high

Cons of Ketamine Infusions

  • it can lead to some disorientating effects including dissociation for a short time
  • it may not be covered under your insurance (depending on your provider and plan)
  • it’s not available to people who have certain medical conditions or history

Ketamine FAQ

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a medication that was first utilized in the medical field as a sedative agent. Now, it is an FDA-approved treatment that’s used in combination with other therapies in order to help individuals manage the symptoms of depressive disorders, PTSD, and more.

How Does Ketamine Therapy Work?

While more research is necessary to help better understand why ketamine treatment is so successful in helping people living with mental health issues like depression, what is known is that ketamine helps to stimulate the release of specific neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for mood regulation.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate For Ketamine Therapies?

Unfortunately, some people may not be ideal candidates for ketamine therapy. These people include individuals who are diagnosed with heart conditions, pulmonary diseases, and low blood pressure.

Are Patients Awake During Sessions?

Yes. Patients who utilize ketamine therapies remain awake during sessions as they are completely non-invasive.