Rodriguez Method Of Ketamine Induction

Ketamine treatment is an FDA-approved method of administering ketamine through IV infusion to alleviate symptoms of treatment-resistant depression. Here at Delray Brain Science, we offer our very own method of ketamine infusion therapy called RMOKI, the Rodriguez Method of Ketamine Infusions, named after our very own mental health treatment frontier, medical director, and founder, Dr. Rodriguez MD.

What is Treatment-Resistant Depression?

When a person gets help for depression in a professional setting and is prescribed antidepressant medications, but these prescriptions don’t seem to rid the patient of depressive symptoms, they may be dealing with treatment-resistant depression. Unfortunately, treatment-resistant depression is more common than it may seem. However, there are alternative therapies and treatments that individuals who find that antidepressants may not be working as they’d like can utilize to get more help. With these therapies and treatments, most individuals living with treatment-resistant depression can work to reduce the severity and frequency of depression disorder symptoms. And, live better, more meaningful lives of mental wellbeing.

What is Ketamine Infusion Therapy and how is it Different at Delray Brain Science?

Ketamine is a medication that’s approved by the FDA for use in treatment-resistant depression. Typically, it’s administered as an IV infusion or by nasal inhaler so that patients can begin to experience the benefits of this medication immediately, as this allows for the medication to be directly inserted into the bloodstream. For over a decade, this medication has shown a success rate of 90% for people living with negative symptoms of depressive disorders. So, our very own Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez, MD, began utilizing this treatment, helping hundreds of patients with depression disorders find and maintain relief from depression symptoms. However, although most patients received relief from symptoms, some did not experience relief as long as they’d like or hoped. So, Dr. Rodriguez switched his focus to offering an innovative method of ketamine treatment for depression, with a specialization in a different protocol, known as RMOKI.


What is Ketamine Infusion Therapy and how is it Different at Delray Brain Science?

What is the RMOKI Difference?

Traditional ketamine infusion treatments utilize one type of administration. But, the RMOKI therapy at Delray Brain Science utilizes two: ketamine infusion and a subcutaneous infusion. Both of these applications are administered at the same time to provide patients with a collaborative, energetic effect that allows the beneficial, antidepressant advantages of ketamine therapy to last longer. With an instantaneous reaction, these infusions allow patients to experience relief from their depression conditions immediately. And, for many weeks, the medication is released slowly over time rather than all at once. This allows people who may not get the long-lasting effects of traditional ketamine treatment for depression to benefit from these infusions for a greater length of time.

The Benefits of the RMOKI Ketamine Treatment South Florida at Delray Brain Science

Since the symptom relief of RMOKI ketamine infusions is longer lasting than traditional ketamine therapy, those who utilize it can find cost savings, as they may require fewer treatments and more time in between treatment sessions. Furthermore, as well as offering symptom relief for treatment-resistant depression, ketamine infusion therapy can also help with the reduction in chronic pain for people living with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain disorders.

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