Benefits of Spravato Nasal Spray Esketamine Treatment

Major depression is a mental health condition that affects a person negatively by bringing about emotions, behaviors, and thought patterns that can influence every part of a person’s life. And, it’s one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in the United States. But, since treatments work differently for people with depressive disorders, it’s important that there are a number of treatments and therapies available for people living with depression. Especially, since a number of people experience treatment-resistant depression, which is depression that doesn’t respond well to traditional treatments like prescription psychiatric medications. Specifically, in these cases, it’s useful to utilize revolutionary therapies like Spravato nasal spray, a type of ketamine therapy application. But, people who want to take advantage of treatments like Sprovato may have questions about the benefits of this type of therapy. And, wonder if it’s a good fit for them when it comes to helping to reduce and manage symptoms of depression.

The Need for New Treatments for Depression

Living with depressive disorders is hard enough. The symptoms of these mental health conditions can affect a person’s relationship, career, and daily personal responsibilities. But, for people with treatment-resistant depression, symptoms can be unmanageable with traditional treatments. This means that it’s incredibly important for people dealing with treatment-resistant depression to have opportunities to treat depression in alternative ways. Spravato is one of these alternative depression treatments that is typically made available to people living with treatment-resistant depression.

What is Spravato?

Spravato is a name-brand nasal spray that is FDA approved for treating people living with treatment-resistant depression. It contains the active ingredient esketamine (derived from ketamine), which is proven to help people living with depression experience symptom relief. It provides fast and consistent symptom relief in as little as one treatment. Plus, as Sprovato is regulated and is only available upon prescription, it is safe to use.

How Are Antidepressants and Spravato Different?

Ketamine treatments like Spravato are believed to affect the brain differently than typical, traditional antidepressant medications. This is why Spravato helps people dealing with treatment-resistant depression when other treatments may not. And, it’s what makes Sprovato different from traditional prescription antidepressant medications. Furthermore, traditional prescription antidepressants typically prescribed to people with depressive disorders can take weeks to kick in – leaving people to deal with depression symptoms even longer. But, ketamine treatments like Spravato can help ease symptoms of depression immediately. Therefore, making them faster-acting than traditional treatments used in depression therapy.

The Process of Using Spravato and What to Expect From Administration

Spravato ketamine spray is a prescription medication and controlled substance. So, it’s typically administered under the supervision of a mental health specialist in a controlled environment such as an outpatient mental health treatment facility. Administration involves applying the Spravato nasal inhaler into a nostril, clicking a button, and breathing in the medication through the nasal cavity. Instantly, individuals may experience symptom relief. But, since ketamine is a controlled substance, it’s suggested that patients remain in-office for some time after administration (typically an hour or so).

Learn More About Spravato Treatments at Delray Brain Science

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