Here at Delray Brain Science, we’re committed to offering individuals living with mental health issues various methods to manage symptoms. And, providing means for individuals to live out their lives with the best mental health and wellbeing. That’s why we offer a number of supplementary therapies, proven effective in reducing the severity of mental health symptoms, boosting mood regulation, and improving everyday life, including acupuncture therapy. Find out if this holistic therapy may be a great addition to your mental health treatment planning!

Acupuncture – a Holistic and Therapeutic Practice

Acupuncture Delray Beach FLDelray Brain Science offers acupuncture therapy for anyone who wants to utilize the benefits of this holistic and effective practice. So, whether you want to improve your physical and emotional health by using this therapy or benefit from the advantages of acupuncture as a part of a mental health treatment plan, we can accommodate your needs. Acupuncture is an ancient technique that has been a staple in Eastern medicine for over 2000 years. Now, it’s used in both Eastern and Western medicinal approaches, as many studies showcase the available benefits of this technique for both physical and mental ailments. This ancient practice has been a successful therapy with benefits for individuals living with a number of issues.

What Can Acupuncture Help With?

For those dealing with mental health issues and getting professional help, acupuncture can be a helpful, supplemental tool. It allows for relief and reduction of mental health symptoms associated with issues like anxiety, depression, substance use disorder, and more! Along with helping individuals with mental health conditions, acupuncture can also assist individuals living with physical ailments. It can ease pain and discomfort for those living with fibromyalgia, migraine disorders, nausea as a result of chemotherapy, menstrual cramps, and more!

The Two Types of Acupuncture Techniques

While there are a number of acupuncture techniques available, Delray Brain Science focuses on two types of acupuncture methods; body and auricular. Find out which technique may be best for your use.

Body Acupuncture: For those dealing with pain and discomfort brought on by physical issues, this method of acupuncture is best to consider. During this type of acupuncture, tiny needles are placed into specific acupuncture points on the body. These points are connected to our nervous system and are believed when stimulated by acupuncture needles, to release the pressure that can bring about pain and discomfort. Thus, allowing the body to reduce inflammation, which is the cause of most pain. And, be able to better heal itself so that symptoms reduce and individuals can better manage symptoms of discomfort and stress.

Acupuncture Delray Beach FLAuricular Acupuncture: Rather than using acupuncture points around the entire body, this type of acupuncture uses specific acupuncture points within the ear. This allows for the specific healing of certain body parts and promotes a reduction in numerous mental health disorder symptoms. Specifically, auricular acupuncture is known for reducing the severity of withdrawal in people recovering from substance use disorders. And, can even help people who want to quit smoking, as it alleviates cravings and symptoms dealing with smoking cessation. Finally, this type of acupuncture is also beneficial for the reduction of stress and anxiety, so it’s also a good choice for people in treatment for anxiety disorders.

Find Out More About Acupuncture Delray Beach at Delray Brain Science

Want to experience the benefits of this internationally known holistic therapy? Delray Brain Science offers acupuncture for those who want to experience the many benefits of this type of practice. Learn more about the therapies available at our Delray Beach location in South Florida right on our website.