When to Consider Ketamine for Suicidal Ideation

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and as it comes to a close, we find it necessary to put a wrap on the month with some information about how people who are struggling with thoughts of suicide and suicidal ideation can get the help they need. According to the CDC, there is approximately one suicide death for every 11 minutes in the United States, with over 48 thousand suicide deaths in the year 2021 alone. While these numbers are staggering, it’s essential to know that suicide is preventable with the right care. People living with depressive disorders and experiencing suicidal thoughts, ideation, and behaviors can seek help during times of crisis. One of the types of treatments that can help people living with depression and suicidal ideation is ketamine. But, when should someone begin considering ketamine for suicidal ideation?

Traditional Treatments Vs. Ketamine for Suicidal Ideation

People who are living with suicidal ideation typically are concurrently experiencing mental health issues like depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD, etc. Treatment for these conditions can help to reduce suicidal thoughts and ideation. So, many people who seek treatment and are living with these conditions may undergo a number of treatment methods including behavioral therapies, prescription antidepressant medications, mindfulness techniques, and more. Ketamine therapies can be used in combination with traditional treatments, so it’s a good option for people who may already be in treatment. Furthermore, it can be used in people who may not want to or cannot utilize other forms of treatment like prescription medications due to adverse reactions or inadequate results.

One thing that differs about ketamine treatment for suicidal ideation is that it works immediately. In many cases, therapies and medications take weeks or even months to showcase results. But, with ketamine treatments, patients can start to experience symptom relief as soon as after the first sessions. This makes ketamine a great option for patients who are experiencing suicidal ideation as they are in crisis and need immediate assistance to address these thoughts and feelings.

As well as working immediately for many patients, the results of ketamine therapy for suicidal ideation are long-term. With continued use and a treatment schedule, when patients don’t skip sessions, they can experience results for long periods of time.

Who Should Consider Using Ketamine for Suicidal Ideation?

There are certain things that can help you determine if ketamine treatment for suicidal ideation is right for you. Ketamine may be the right treatment option if:

  • you think about or glorify suicide often
  • you’ve never taken suicide completely off the table
  • you have attempted suicide in the past
  • you can’t manage feelings of hopelessness
  • you’re thinking of yourself as a burden to those who love you
  • you have a plan for suicide – even if it’s in the far-off future

Ketamine for Suicidal Ideation at Delray Brain Science

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