Why Do Doctors Prescribe Ketamine for Mental Health Issues?

Ketamine is a relatively new topic in the mental health treatment realm and it’s gaining traction as it is helping many people manage symptoms of mental health issues. Knowing why ketamine for mental health issues may be prescribed, who it helps, and the issues that ketamine is prescribed for may allow you to better understand if this type of therapy may be something you want to consider.

Understanding More About What Ketamine Is

Knowing more about ketamine can help people who may benefit from it understand the risks and benefits of using this type of treatment. Ketamine is a medication that was first utilized as an anesthetic for pain relief and for use in surgical procedures in veterinary practice. Then, as it was very effective, ketamine was used also in humans for anesthetic purposes. It wasn’t until recently that the uses of this medication have been shown beneficial to mental health treatment. In mental health treatment, ketamine is shown to be beneficial in managing symptoms of depression, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and other symptoms of mental health issues. It is specifically helpful to people who are treatment-resistant to traditional mental health treatments like prescription antidepressants.

Why do Doctors Prescribe Ketamine for Mental Health Issues?

Essentially, ketamine for mental health is prescribed for two reasons. First, to help people who are struggling with mental health issues and have tried other treatment methods to no avail. And, secondly, it is a fast-acting, non-invasive, and effective means of managing mental health issues. These factors alone make it worth prescribing for people who can benefit from it.

Ketamine Therapies for Mental Health Issues

Ketamine therapy has been used to help treat mental health issues, especially for people who don’t respond to traditional medications, for almost 30 years. While it’s still a relatively new approach to treating these issues, it’s apparent that both esketamine nasal spray and ketamine IV infusions both help people who are living with treatment-resistant issues. And, with treatments providing nearly immediate results, it’s easy to see why more people are looking into ketamine-assisted therapies than ever before.

Drawbacks of traditional treatments, like antidepressants, are also a driving force for the increased use of ketamine therapies. In reality, medications may take many weeks to kick into the body and provide results. Furthermore, medications may offer a long list of side effects that can negatively impact patients. Finally, while it’s common to switch antidepressant medications many times until a patient finds one that works for them, many people don’t have this time. And, weaning off medications and starting new medications can be frustrating and very time-consuming. Ketamine therapies offer an alternative to these types of treatments with fast-acting results that can become a long-term solution.

Learning More About Ketamine for Mental Health

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional treatment methods for conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, OCD, and more, ketamine may be right for you. Speaking to a mental health provider can help you better pinpoint if you’re a good candidate for ketamine therapies. Delray Brain Science offers outpatient treatment services including ketamine IV therapy and esketamine nasal spray. Reach out to us today and learn more about our services from our website to learn more.