Spreading Awareness for Depression Treatment During May

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and as a treatment provider of mental health care and supportive of well-being to the national public, Delray Brain Science believes that spreading awareness for mental health issues like depression is imperative. With the right knowledge and resources, people living with depressive disorders can get the help they need. Awareness of the impacts of depression and the benefits of depression treatment can help to break down stigmas associated with these mental health disorders so more people feel free to speak out about their depression and seek help without judgment.

Education About Depression

Part of spreading awareness about mental health issues is to spread information and awareness for these disorders. When more people have knowledge about mental health issues like depression, they will understand the national impact that these disorders have. And, the importance of available resources and treatment services.

Education about depression includes statistics about depression like:

  • Only about half of the people living with a depressive disorder get help through treatment
  • Every 1 in 15 people are living with a depressive disorder in the US
  • Depressive disorders cost the American economy about $210 billion every year
  • Women are two times as likely to develop depressive disorders than men
  • 25 is the average age that people develop Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
  • Over 8% of US adults are living with a depressive disorder
  • The symptoms of depressive disorders can lead to debilitating effects that can impact all aspects of life
  • Treatments for depressive disorders are available and effective
  • There are different types of depressive disorders and there is no one type of treatment that works for all people

What Can You Do to Spread Awareness About Mental Health and Depression During Mental Health Awareness Month?

Along with spreading information about mental health issues like depression and educating others about these issues, it’s also helpful to identify and address stigmas. Mental health stigmas are myths about mental health that keep people from getting the help they need. Some of these stigmas can include beliefs that mental health issues aren’t as important as physical health issues, people with mental health issues are “crazy” or violent, or that treatment doesn’t work to help people with mental health conditions. When we address and confront stigmas that people spread about mental health issues, these stigmas can be overcome. And, people will work to learn for themselves the truth about mental health – leading to more people feeling more supported and comfortable with getting the help they need.

Treatment Options for Depressive Disorders

While educating yourself and others about mental health issues like depression and fighting stigmas are all great ways to spread awareness, another way is to be open and educated about treatment options. There are a few different methods to treating depression, but it’s important that every person living with a depressive disorder find the right treatment for them. This can take time. While medications and therapy are important aspects of depression treatment, these traditional approaches may not work for everyone. Fortunately, there are other options available that take a brain-based approach including TMS and Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

Delray Brain Science offers treatment options like TMS and Ketamine Therapy for people who are struggling with the impacts of treatment-resistant depression. Find out more about our depression treatment services on our website today.