Lies That Keep People From Getting Help for Depression

Depressive disorders are formed when a person’s brain doesn’t signal the right way, resulting in reduced neurotransmitters that are responsible for mood management. If you struggle with depression, the chances are that you have intrusive thoughts that lead you to believe things that just aren’t true. Depression lies to those who are living with it, which can make it harder for people to live with depressive disorders to get the help they need. But, knowing the lies that depression presents can help make getting help for depression seem like a more reasonable option for people living with depression.

Some of the lies that depression tells people who are living with depressive disorders include:

“You’ll Never Be Enough”

Depression affects a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem to a level that undoubtedly negatively affects daily life. One of the lies that depression may tell you is that you’re not good enough to get the help you deserve or even feel better. Some people living with depression may even feel that they deserve to feel the way they do and experience symptoms of depression. But, even though we may have these feelings, the truth is that anyone deserves to get the help they need and overcome symptoms of depression. And, that being you is more than enough to deserve this help.

“You’re Broken”

One lie that depression wants us to believe is that it’s something that will always define you and that you’re unfixable. But, depression isn’t something that makes you broken. It’s something that CAN be managed. Depression leads us to believe we are not worthy of feeling good, loving ourselves, or having healthy relationships. But, none of that is true. Depression isn’t something that is necessarily easy to treat in every case, but it is worth it to try to find a management tool that works for you and your needs as a person living with depression.

“No One Cares That I’m Going Through This or if I Get Help”

Depression will often tell people that no one cares about what they’re going through or that no one cares that they get help and feel better. This is because depression is isolating. However, you are worthy of love, even if you struggle with mental health issues. And, there are people who care about you, what you’re going through, and the fact that you get the help you deserve – even if it’s only people you haven’t met yet like the counselors and mental health specialists at Delray Brain Science.

Neuroscience Techniques for Treating Depression

If you are struggling with depression and have tried getting help before but haven’t been successful, it may be time for a new approach. Neuroscience is a medical approach to treating mental health issues like depression as it affects the brain. Neuroscience treatments available at Delray Brain Science are proven, effective tools that can help to reduce the severity of depressive episodes, giving people living with depression the help they need to manage symptoms and establish mental well-being. Some of the neuroscience techniques available at our mental health facility include TMS therapy and ketamine therapies like esketamine nasal spray and ketamine infusions. Find out more about our neuroscience approach to treating depressive disorders from our website today.