Want to ensure your body is healing the best way possible while getting treatment for a mental health diagnosis? While there are many holistic therapies and methods that can improve both mental and physical health and boost the efficacy of mental health treatment, cupping is one that many people don’t think of right off the bat. But, the many benefits of this ancient practice are getting this holistic method more popular. So, find out if this therapy is a good choice while you or a loved one is getting help for mental health issues. And, learn about cupping therapy benefits so you’re prepared to reap the rewards of this therapeutic method.

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping for Anxiety | Delray Beach FLCupping is an alternative therapy that has been used for about 3,500 years. Essentially, during this therapy, specially procured cups are placed onto the skin in a way that stimulates suction. Then, after a few minutes, these cups are removed. This technique is utilized to promote a number of beneficial advantages for use in mental health therapy to improve mood, decrease pain, and increase overall wellbeing.

What to Expect During the Cupping Process

The specialized cups used in cupping therapy can be constructed out of different types of materials including bamboo, earthenware, glass, and silicone. And, can be done in two different techniques; wet and dry. Regardless of the materials and the technique used, the execution of cupping therapy is the same. To begin the cupping process, the cup is filled with a flammable substance and then lit on fire. Then, placed onto the skin. This is what allows the cups to perform the suction needed to create pressure on the skin. Basically, once the cup is placed on the skin and the heat subsides, blood vessels begin to expand rapidly. The result is the skin being suctioned into the cup, which promotes the skin to stand up within the cup. After about three minutes, the cups are removed from the area of skin they’re placed by the therapist. He or she will gently release the cup using a sterile instrument. Once the cups are removed, typically, an ointment is applied to the treatment area to stimulate blood flow and reduce the chance of any infection.

Cupping Therapy Benefits

There are quite a few benefits of cupping that are enjoyed by all who utilize cupping therapy. Both physical and mental benefits allow individuals who utilize cupping therapy to gain a number of advantages including:

Cupping for Anxiety | Delray Beach FLRecovery: Cupping is known to increase the immune system’s response, so it’s great for recovery from injuries and for post-strenuous activities like athletics.

Pain Management: This type of therapy, since it helps in stimulating the immune response, is also great for relieving pain. So, individuals struggling with chronic pain can utilize this therapy to help manage pain.

Anxiety Reduction: As cupping therapy stimulates the nervous system, which is responsible for pent-up stress that relates to anxiety, this therapy can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Cupping for Anxiety and More at Delray Brain Science

Dealing with chronic pain or anxiety and looking for a relieving way to treat these issues without the use of invasive or additive treatments? Cupping therapy may be a good therapy to utilize in these situations. Delray Brain Science offers cupping treatment as outpatient therapy for those in need. Find out more about all of our holistic therapy services offered at our Delray Beach location right on our website.