Tips on How to Manage Depression During the Holidays

Learning how to manage depression during the holidays can be a vital tool for people who are living with depressive disorders. While the holiday season is a bright and cheery time for many, for people living with mental health issues like depressive disorders, this time of year can bring about a number of negative emotions. Living with grief, reliving traumatic experiences brought up surrounding the holidays, and the overall overwhelming stress from the holiday season can be more than enough to overwhelm anyone, especially those who are already struggling to manage symptoms of depression. So, it can be helpful to get use from tips that can help manage depression and mental health during the upcoming holiday season.

Some tips for how to manage depression over the holidays include:

Lean on Those Who Support You

Being surrounded by the people who support and love you the most can be beneficial to combatting holiday depression. So, make sure that you are willing and ready to lean on those who are your best allies. Be open with them about how you’re feeling and let them know what you’re dealing with in order to gain their support. Don’t refrain yourself from reaching out to loved ones on the worst days. In doing so, you may learn that your loved ones may be dealing with things themselves, offer you supportive outlets and solutions, and even give you hope that things will get better.

Establish Boundaries Early On

If you struggle with managing mental health during the holidays, it can be beneficial to start establishing your boundaries clearly and openly before the festivities begin. This means making note of your relationships that may be triggering to a mental health episode. And, defining who you will and will not spend time with. This can mean saying “no” to people and events that you don’t feel comfortable with. Setting these boundaries and expressing them clearly can help you steer clear of unnecessary triggers that can lead to depressive episodes.

Getting Coping Mechanisms on Deck for Use

Preparing for the worst can help you if and when things get rough. So, before the holiday season begins, get prepared to deal with any triggers or stressors that may come about. This can include coming up with some coping strategies to utilize. Some things that you can do to cope with stressors or triggers this holiday season may include:

  • removing yourself from people and situations that trigger negative emotions
  • listening to calming music
  • meditation
  • journaling
  • breathing exercises
  • journaling

Getting Help When You Need It

Sometimes, dealing with depression during the holiday takes more than things that you can do yourself. When this is the case, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help. The holidays don’t stop mental health issues, in fact, they can make them worsen. So, don’t feel ashamed if you do need help to reach out to professionals.

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