Help for Panic Attacks With Severe Anxiety Treatment

Having panic attacks is the main characteristic of Panic Disorder, a commonly diagnosed anxiety disorder. Panic attacks can be debilitating to daily life and keep people from living the lives they enjoy. So, it’s important for people who are living with panic attacks to be able to identify them and get help for panic attacks through treatment. But, first, it can be helpful to better understand what panic attacks are so that they can be identified in your life.

What are Panic Attacks?

A panic attack is a sudden, extreme bout of anxiety that typically is combined with feelings of fear and being endangered. They can come on due to high levels of stress or even when a person is not in danger at all, out of the blue. They can be accompanied by a number of physical symptoms as well like chest pains and trouble breathing. Panic attacks are severely frightening and people who are having their first panic attack may feel like they are having a heart attack or are even going to die.

What’s it Like to Experience a Panic Attack?

It can be helpful for people to understand what living through a panic attack feels like so they can identify if they are experiencing panic attacks in their own lives. Some symptoms of experiencing panic attacks can include:

  • trouble breathing and wheezing
  • chest pains
  • feelings of doom and severe fear
  • chills
  • sweating
  • racing heartbeat
  • lightheadedness
  • shaking all over

What Causes Panic Attacks?

Some people with Panic Disorder who experience panic attacks may have panic attacks come on for various reasons. These reasons are called triggers. Every person’s panic attack triggers may be different and some people may have panic attacks without any triggers at all. Common triggers of panic attacks can include stressful situations, fears, and substances or medications.

It’s also important to note that one of the biggest triggers of panic attacks is panic attacks themselves. People who are diagnosed with Panic Disorders become completely fearful of having panic attacks and this fear can actually trigger panic attacks. This is one of the most characterizing aspects of Panic Disorder.

Do Panic Attacks Last a Certain Time?

The length of a panic attack may differ from person to person. Furthermore, each panic attack for a person may last a different time. Most panic attacks are a few minutes long but they can actually last up to an hour.

Are There Things I Can Do When I’m Having a Panic Attack?

There are things you can practice when having a panic attack to help yourself calm down and even make the panic attack shorter in length. Some of the things you can do when you’re having a panic attack include:

  • counting to five with each inhale and exhale
  • remind yourself that panic attacks are not deadly and you will get through it
  • reach out to a loved one who can talk to you through your panic attack
  • get an ice pack and place it on your neck or face
  • pay attention to your surroundings and find things to focus on while you wait for the panic attack to pass

Getting Help for Panic Disorder and Severe Anxiety With Brain-Based Approaches

Here at Delray Center for Brain Science, we believe that severe anxiety like Panic Disorder can be treated by using a brain-based approach. Brain-based mental health treatments work to address mental health issues like severe anxiety where they begin – the brain. Find out more about our severe anxiety treatment services and how our outpatient mental health treatment services may help you with overcoming panic attacks on our website today.