New and Effective Depression Treatment Options

Delray Brain Science offers a number of mental health treatment services to help people who are living with a variety of mental health issues. We help people who are having a hard time finding the right treatment for their symptoms and needs as well as people who don’t already have a diagnosis by offering diagnostic services. Once we’ve determined the mental health issues that an individual may be dealing with, we work together with the individual to identify individualized treatment approaches specific to their needs. One of the most common mental health issues we help people with is depressive disorders. And, since a number of people struggle with traditional treatments for depression due to treatment-resistant depression, we offer a number of new and effective depression treatment options. These treatments allow people who have just received a depression diagnosis or haven’t had success with traditional depression treatments to find the relief they need from the symptoms of depressive disorders.

Signs and Symptoms of Depressive Disorders

Identifying the signs and symptoms of depressive disorders can help people who may be living with these mental health illnesses recognize whether or not they need help. During the diagnostic stage, our mental health specialists determine symptoms of depression including:

  • feelings of sadness and despair
  • inability to hold focus
  • suicidal thoughts or ideation
  • avoiding social activities and relationships
  • negative thoughts and outlook
  • decreased motivation
  • eating too much or too little
  • sleeping too much or too little
  • anxiety and stress

Depressive symptoms that continue for a period of time and aren’t relieved effectively with the use of traditional depression treatments like prescription antidepressants, this may indicate treatment-resistant depression. Fortunately, new and revolutionary treatments can help to reduce the severity and frequency of depressive disorder symptoms even for people living with treatment-resistant depression.

Some of these revolutionary depression treatment options include:

Transcranial-Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Transcranial-magnetic stimulation, or TMS, is an effective treatment option for treatment-resistant depression. It’s a non-invasive therapy that involves a machine that’s placed near the scalp that is designed to send magnetic pulses into the brain. This results in stimulating areas of the brain that are responsible for the development of symptoms of depression. Sessions are only about 45 minutes, are completely painless, have little risk for side effects, and allows for immediate results.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine infusion therapy is an FDA-approved therapy for use in treatment-resistant depression patients. During sessions, patients are given low doses of ketamine through an intravenous drip. This allows for immediate relief of depressive symptoms that lasts for weeks. Sessions take up to an hour and there isn’t any recovery time – so patients can go back to their regular, daily routine after sessions.

New and Effective Depression Treatment Options at Delray Brain Science

If you’re dealing with the effects of depression or are struggling with treatment-resistant depression. Delray Brain Science can help. We offer a number of depression treatments that are effective in assisting people living with these mental health issues to gain healing and mental well-being. Find out more about our treatment services from our website.