The Benefits of Deep TMS for Depression Treatment

The Benefits of Deep TMS for Depression Treatment

Are you or a loved one struggling with depression that isn’t responding well to traditional treatments like therapy or medication? Or, are you, for whatever reason, unable to take part in traditional treatments for depression? If so, there is still hope for those living with this type of depression, known as treatment-resistant depression, with deep TMS therapy. Deep TMS, or deep transcranial magnetic stimulation, is a both combative and alternative approach to addressing symptoms of depression in those living with depressive disorders, specifically treatment-resistant depression. Find out if this type of treatment is right for you or a loved one and the benefits of considering this type of treatment from Delray Brain Science, a leading expert in treatment for depression in South Florida.

What’s TMS?

TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, is a Neurotherapy technique that’s approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of patients living with treatment-resistant depression. This therapy works by stimulating brain cells by use of magnetic stimulation that are associated with the development of depressive symptoms, chronic pain, irregular mood, and other mental health symptoms. The ‘excitement’ of these nerve cells in the brain from TMS allows for a number of improved mental health effects that are helpful for people who may not be able to take antidepressants or want to boost the effectiveness of traditional mental health treatments.

The Difference Between Deep TMS and Traditional TMS

TMS and Deep TMS work the same way, using magnetic stimulation to produce results. However, Deep TMS allows for technology that can reach even further into the brain to reach and stimulate more and deeper brain activity. Therefore, Deep TMS allows for better accuracy and even better results. Typically, standard TMS involves the use of 8 magnetic coils which are adhered to the scalp to send magnetic pulses into the brain. But, Deep TMS therapy utilizes a 3D H-coiled helmet, which incorporates a design that allows for the treatment of a bigger surface area. Thus, allowing for more efficacy during treatment, better results, and the treatment of even more severe issues than what traditional TMS therapy would.

What are the Benefits of This Therapy?

There are certainly many benefits to using Deep TMS for a number of reasons. Specifically, this type of therapy is a great asset to use in combination with other mental health treatment approaches or chronic pain therapies. Some of the benefits of Deep TMS include:

Non-Invasive: Deep TMS is completely non-invasive. This means that there is no pain involved with this type of therapy at all. This makes getting help from this type of therapy a less stressful and more enjoyable experience.

Quick Sessions: Deep TMS therapy sessions aren’t that long as they range from 15-40 minutes. This is all that’s necessary to start benefiting from this type of therapy per session. So, it’s not something that you’ll have to schedule your daily routine around!

Fast Results: Most people start benefiting from this therapy after their first few sessions. Thus, meaning that you’ll start to see results even faster than you would from traditional medication regimens!

FDA Approval: This therapy has been approved by the FDA for mental health treatments for treatment-resistant depression. Therefore, it has undergone testing to ensure not only its efficacy but its safety too.

Find out if Deep TMS Therapy is Right for You

Are you struggling to get the results you need from traditional mental health treatments? If so, transcranial magnetic stimulation may be the complementary therapy you need to be added to your treatment that can help to boost results and give you lasting relief from mental health symptoms, chronic pain, or other issues. Find out more about Deep TMS available at Delray Brain Science by contacting us today to learn if it’s right for you or a loved one.