Is TMS Therapy Covered By Insurance?


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has proven itself to be a highly effective method for treating mental disorders like depression, substance addiction, ADHD, and others. But unfortunately, this treatment costs money. This leads to people wondering if such an innovative procedure is covered by insurance.


Good and Bad News

There’s some good and bad news on this front. TMS has only been FDA approved since 2008, which makes it a fairly new procedure. This means that many insurance companies are still unfamiliar with the procedure and deny coverage in some cases.


But more insurance companies are now seeing the benefits. Insurance companies are now establishing medical coverage for TMS therapy. Patients may have to meet certain medical necessary requirements.


TMS might also not be covered for every type of mental disorder. Right now the procedure is only FDA approved in treating treatment-resistant depression. While many clinical trials and studies have proven that it can successfully help treat other ailments, the procedure hasn’t been FDA approved for that yet. This means that most insurance companies won’t cover the costs.


Here at Delray Center for Brain Science, we’re dedicated to getting you the help you need. We’re willing to work with you to make sure you can afford the treatment you need. Contact us if you have any questions or if you want to learn more about TMS therapy.

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