What is Neurofeedback Training?



Neurofeedback training is another method to teach the brain to function more efficiently and effectively. Brain activity is observed and then that information is given to the patient. The brain gets rewarded when it changes its activity to fit more appropriate patterns. The positive reinforcement, a common tool used in all types of training, encourages the brain to act more effectively.


While doctors aren’t a hundred percent sure what causes many mental and neurological disorders, they have found that irregularities in the way the brain functions is common. Brain dysregulation happens in all sorts of disorders such as anxiety-depression, attention deficits, behavior disorders, sleep disorders, emotional disorders, and even organic brain conditions like seizures and cerebral palsy.


Electrodes are applied to the scalp to listen to brain activity. That data is then relayed back to the patient, who attempts to change the activity level to encourage some frequencies and discourage others. Neurofeedback training is a gradual process, but brain activity is slowly shaped into more desirable and regulated activity.


Neurofeedback training isn’t a cure for any condition, but it can help remedy any dysregulation the brain has. This means other forms of traditional treatment may be more effective or patients may need less intense forms of treatment


If you want to learn more about neurofeedback training or think this might be an option for you, feel free to contact us!

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