6 Great Ways To Relax After TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy has been groundbreaking in treating individuals with treatment-resistant depression and other mental disorders. One great perk of this procedure is that it has relatively few side effects; in fact, patients can drive themselves home after the session! The most common ones reported are headaches and ringing in the ears. While these might be mild side effects, it never hurts to relax and take a few moments for you. Here are the best ways to relax after you finish up with your TMS therapy session.


  1. Take a Nap

While taking a nap might feel childlike, it can be incredibly relaxing, and just the sort of pick-me-up you need after TMS therapy. Naps could be especially beneficial if you find the procedure gave you’re a headache or ringing. By the time you wake up those side effects should be gone!


  1. Read a Book

Reading a book is always a great way to escape for a little bit. Take some time after TMS and get lost among the pages. The good thing about reading too is that it doesn’t involve noise, so if you have ringing in your ears that won’t impact the activity.


  1. Take a Bath

Nothing is as relaxing as a spa. If you can’t head out to one, have a spa day at home! Take a nice long bath to help you unwind after TMS. You can even add essential oils to help reduce stress too.


  1. Eat Something Yummy

Eating some delicious is a great way to boost your energy back up after a TMS session. Treat yourself to your favorite snack or go grab a meal with family and friends. Food is known to boost moods, so snack away!


  1. Meditate

Meditation isn’t for everyone, but it has amazing benefits. It gives you a chance to simply sit and focus on yourself. Most people forget to take a pause during the day, but it can be immensely beneficial.


  1. Exercise

If exercise is your form of release, go hit the gym! Whether it’s a yoga class or running along the beach, exercise is a great way to get your body moving and endorphins released. Take it slow to make sure you aren’t too dizzy after TMS, and maybe don’t exercise immediately after your first initial session.



Taking some extra time after a TMS session to focus on yourself will also aid in bettering your mental health. “Me time” is important to a healthy lifestyle and a sound mind. The doctors do their part during the TMS therapy, and afterward, you should do your part by doing an activity that you enjoy or that relaxes you. If you want to learn more about TMS feel free to contact us.


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